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After running a pub crawl in Dublin for quite a while I felt the need to list my top five pubs.  There is seemingly a pub on every corner in Dublin and I was lucky enough to have stumbled out of most of them.

Dublin has pubs of all sorts.  There are small quaint pubs full of old Irish diehard drinkers, pubs for live music and the lord of the dance folk, to the mega pubs with techno and glow sticks that cater to the wild younger crowd.  Listing a top five can be difficult as everyone has different taste when it comes to their watering holes, but I’m going to do it anyway!  
1)  The Long Stone - By far my favorite pub in Dublin.  Situated around the corner from Trinity College, The Long Stone was established in 1754.  The name comes from a pillar that sits a block away from the pub that was erected by the Vikings back in day as a symbol of their new settlement.  The design of the pub is very old school Irish with a modern touch.  The centerpiece of the pub is the massive face of the Norse god of beauty and light 'Baldr' that doubles as a fireplace.  Along with the fantastic decor is the amazing bar staff and fun clientele that ensures a great night of drunken debauchery.  

2)  The Brazen Head – This pub claims to be the oldest in Dublin and established in 1198. But the building is from the 1750’s, hmm.  Full of lively people and music the atmosphere alone makes it worth a visit. The near perfectly poured pints of Guinness are a bonus!  
3)  Stag’s Head – With a history dating back to 1770 the Stag’s head in hidden in a narrow passageway off Dame Street.  As you walk by you are drawn in and you end up stumbling out.  The decor is very old world like and so is the smell, but that might just be the stale beer on the floor.  Smell or no smell, if you are looking for a good ‘craic’. It’s usually here. 

4)  Café en Seine – Okay, so this bar isn’t really Irish, but it’s in Dublin so I’m putting it on the list. Café en Seine is a Jameson Whiskey bar of the year recipient.  The interior of the pub is ridiculously opulent.  With a glass atrium, 40ft trees, grand pianos, and expensive art fixtures, calling this place over the top would be an understatement.  Despite the lavishness, it maintains a cool atmosphere that is topped off with live jazz music.  
5)  Messrs McGuire – Located within a stone’s throw of the O’Connell Bridge, Messrs Maguire’s is a four story beer haven.  Pub and brewery, it is always busy.  The only downside to this place is trying to get up and down the four floors after a few pints. Their website says it all;
              ‘And so, in the tradition of genuine Dublin hospitality, we invite you 
               to join us for fun, merriment and whatever you're having yourself’ 


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