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Planning group travel is not as easy as it seems.  There are so many things that can go wrong or change when you are planning for a group.  These tips will make your planning a lot easier!

-         Talk to your group often.  Communication is a must when it comes to group travel.  Everyone needs to stay in the loop and research needs to be shared.  Make sure everyone’s voice is heard when it comes to concerns and contributions.  This is the best way to avoid issues within the group later.

-         Plan in advance. Figure out how many people will be going as soon as possible.  The sooner you know the details of the group the sooner you can make reservations and the better the price you will get. 

-         Be flexible with your dates.  The more flexible you are the better chance of getting a great deal.  Sometimes a day or two at the beginning or end of you trip can make a huge difference in price. 

-         Avoid the popular holidays (if possible).  Traveling on Thanksgiving, Memorial Day or Christmas is not a good idea if you are alone nonetheless when there are a group of you!  Unless you like getting stuck at the airport eating stale nuts with hundreds of other people while waiting for your flight to finally depart.  Plus, the chance of you getting a good deal around those days are slim in comparison to non holidays.

-         Call the airlines – If you don’t have a travel agent helping you, call the airlines to ask for the group rates.  Sometimes they offer them, sometimes they don’t.  But it’s worth a try as it could save you some money!

-         Ask Hotels for the group rate – Sometimes hotels are willing to give you a group deal if you have a healthy number of people in your group.  I have seen hotels give discount for as little as 4 rooms.  The discounts can be substantial if the hotel has plenty of vacant rooms.   

-         Don’t go nuts with your schedule.  Travel is fun when it's not stressful.  Relax.  Set a reasonable schedule for the days where you can see what you want to see and do what you want to do with free time mixed in.  If this isn’t acknowledged, you might end up needing a vacation from you vacation. 

-         Hire a group travel specialist.  Of course I am going to throw this on the list!  But this is probably the number one thing you can do to make your group travel easier.  Let your agent do the work and get you some good prices to boot. 

And yes, travelkru is pretty good when it come to groups.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have on your upcoming group travel.


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Nice points yes flexibility in dates is very important if plan any trip
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